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  • Mar 16, 2014: Karnataka Win the 2014 Vijay Hazare Trophy by 4 wickets. Remarkable year continues for team Karnataka.
  • Feb 12, 2014: Karnataka Win the Irani Trophy by an innings and 222 runs. Leg spinner Shreyas Gopal scalps 5 wickets in the second innings.
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What it takes to produce a Test match

By: Blog Editor

Most of us cricket lovers enjoy watching Cricket, especially when a result looks possible or when the play is well contested - bowling and batting. We are so engrossed with the game that we have come to take for granted all that goes into producing the match. This is the Back Story - a glimpse of some of the aspects of making it happen.

Sep 09, 2012


Umpiring is not just about decision-making

Umpiring is not just about knowing the rules. It involves several subtleties that include making sure there exists a good relationship with players. A good umpire is generally a very good man-manager who can understand, adapt to and deal with whatever situations that might arise during a match.

Aug 05, 2012

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